Jelsy, Joseph (2012) A STUDY OF VARIATION IN INTRINSIC MOTIVATION AMONG B- SCHOOL STUDENTS IN COIMBATORE BASED ON EGO STATES. International Journal of Business Intelligents, 1 (2). ISSN 2278-2400


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Individuals from a similar group behave differently even though they are exposed to similar environment and situations. Maintaining a pleasant environment for every individual in a group is an exceptional task. Management Institutes are therefore striving hard to create workspaces
that ensure a greater understanding, better relationships and a happier environment through improved individual, team and institutional performance. This could be attained by matching the students’ needs and motives with those of the institutional requirements. But the greatest challenge is
the inability or the lack of desire to predict their needs and motives. Researchers in behavioral sciences have created various models that can help administrators in redesigning pedagogy, developing effective teams, and motivating staff to deliver outstanding results. This article further
contributes to it by presenting a simple, three-level typology model to classify the personality of students based on Transactional Analysis ego states and predicting the variation in intrinsic motivations factors based on their ego state.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Variation, Individual differences, Ego States, Intrinsic Motivation, B School Students.
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