Sakthivel, R and Anandh, Ba and Jagadeesan, V and Shankar Ganesh, A (2021) Design of MoS2/graphene heterostructure thin film sensors for high performance NO2 gas sensor applications. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. pp. 1-9.

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In this paper, we fabricate a large-area chemiresitive type MoS2/graphene
films sensor is grown by spray pyrolysis technique. The prepared sensor films were
characterization by XRD, SEM, TEM Raman and BET analysis. The synergistic effect
between MoS2 and graphene through the CVD method produces such a hierarchical
layer-by-layer assembly of the thin film structure. MoS2/graphene hybrid films not only
show enhanced NO2 sensitivity compared to NO2 sensitivity alone. Graphene or MoS2
films, but they also exhibit characteristics of rapid response and strong reproducibility.
Selectiveness and stability findings demonstrate the outstanding sensing properties of
the MoS2 thin film sensor. The MoS2/G showed higher sensitivity (81%) towards NO2
gas at the concentration of 1000 ppm followed by graphene (22 %) and MoS2 (45 %)
based sensors in sequence. The MoS2/G sensor also exhibits fast response (12 s) and
recovery time (17 s) than other sensor samples. The concept of operation and sensing
mechanism behind their impressive results has also been studied in depth. The effect of
humidity on the performance of gas sensing was also discussed in the point of practical
device applications

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