David Stephen, A (2021) Validation of crystal structure of 2‐acetamidophenyl acetate: an experimental and theoretical study. JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS.

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In this present study, we have determined the crystal structure of 2-acetamidophenyl acetate (2-AAPA)
commonly used as influenza neuraminidase inhibitor, to analyze the polymorphism. Molecular docking
and molecular dynamics have been performed for the 2-AAPA-neuraminidase complex as the esterderived benzoic group shows several biological properties. The X-ray diffraction studies confirmed that
the 2-AAPA crystals are stabilized by N–H���O type of intermolecular interactions. Possible conformers
of 2-AAPA crystal structures were computationally predicted by ab initio methods and the stable crystal structure was identified. Hirshfeld surface analysis of both experimental and predicted crystal structure exhibits the intermolecular interactions associated with 2D fingerprint plots. The lowest docking
score and intermolecular interactions of 2-AAPA molecule against influenza neuraminidase confirm the
binding affinity of the 2-AAPA crystals. The quantum theory of atoms in molecules analysis of these
intermolecular interactions was implemented to understand the charge density redistribution of the
molecule in the active site of influenza neuraminidase to validate the strength of the interactions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Acetamidophenyl acetate; neuraminidase complex; polymorphic search molecular docking; molecular dynamics simulatio
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