Thangarasu, R and Balasundaram, O N (2019) Impact of Cu doping on the structural, morphological and optical activity of V2O5 nanorods for photodiode fabrication and their characteristics†. RSC Advances (29). pp. 16541-16553.

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In this paper, we report a wet chemical precipitation method used to synthesize pure and Cu-doped V2O5
nanorods with different doping concentrations (CuxV2O5 where x ¼ 3, 5 or 7 at%), followed by annealing at
600 C and characterizations using several techniques. Indeed, a growth mechanism explaining the
morphological evolution under the experimental conditions is also proposed. The XRD patterns revealed that all
of the studied samples consist of a single V2O5 phase and are well crystallized with a preferential orientation
towards the (200) direction. The presence of intrinsic defects and internal stresses in the lattice structure of the
CuxV2O5 samples has been substantiated by detailed analysis of the XRD. Apart from the doping level, there was
an assessment of identical tiny peaks attributed to the formation of a secondary phase of CuO. SEM images
confirmed the presence of agglomerated particles on the surface; the coverage increased with Cu doping level.
XPS spectral analysis showed that Cu in the V5+ matrix exists mainly in the Cu2+ state on the surface. The
appearance of satellite peaks in the Cu 2p spectra, however, provided definitive evidence for the presence of
Cu2+ ions in these studied samples as well. Doping-induced PL quenching was observed due to the absorption
of energy from defect emission in the V5+ lattice by Cu2+ ions. We have proposed a cost-effective, less
complicated but effective way of synthesizing pure and doped samples in colloidal form, deposited by the
nebulizer spray technique on p-Si to establish junction diodes with enhanced optoelectronic properties.

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