Anbarasu, V (2019) Intrinsic Magnetic and Ferroelectric Behaviour of Non-magnetic Al3+ Ion Substituted Dysprosium Iron Garnet Compounds. Journal of ELECTRONIC MATERIALS.

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Synthetic garnets are a group of oxide materials that play a vital role in the
development of solid state lasers, magnetic and optic-electronic devices. The
analysis on the solubility of rare-earth elements in the well-crystallized system
has led to the discovery of peculiar oxide materials with multifunctional properties. By following the above importance, Aluminium ion (Al3+) substituted
Dysprosium Iron Garnet compounds with the chemical formula of Dy3-
Fe5xAlxO12 (x = 0–0.5) have been synthesized by the solid state reaction method
and the effect of substitution of non-magnetic ions into the magnetic sub-lattices
have been analyzed. The Rietveld refinement of powder x-ray diffraction patterns
confirms that the pure Dy3Fe5O12 compound crystallizes with cubic (Space group:
Ia3d) superstructure whereas all the Al3+ substituted samples exhibit the coexistence of cubic (Ia3d) and trigonal Fe2O3 (R3c) phases. The energy gap values of
the prepared compounds is found to be around 1.6 eV which reveals the semiconducting nature and the decreasing trend of band gap values may be due to the
growthfactorofcrystallites, structural disorderand distortionintroduced intothe
crystal lattice. From the Micro-Raman analysis, it is found that the substituted
Al3+ ions starts filling into both tetrahedral and octahedral positions and the
assignments of vibrational modes observed from Raman spectra confirm the
incorporation of Al3+ ions into the Dy3Fe5O12 garnet structure. From the magnetization analysis, it is found that the response of super-exchange interaction
between Fe3+ ions in the a and d sites of Dy3Fe5O12 compound leads to net magnetic moment and the substitution of Al3+ ions preferably replaces Fe3+ ions in d
sites and suggests the decrease in net magnetization values. From the photoluminescence studies, it is noticed that the luminescence behavior of Al3+ ions
substituted Dy3Fe5xAlxO12 compounds are due to the superposition of a broad
emission band and reveals the variation in concentration of Al3+ ions in the prepared compounds. An interesting point to note is that, a well saturated ‘‘soft’’
ferroelectric hysteresis loop is obtained in both pure and Al3+ substituted
Dy3Fe5xAlxO12 compounds, and the observed electric hysteresis loops are found
to be influenced by the factors such as capacitance nature, resistivity effects and
leakage current of the compounds. Hence, the study on effect of trivalent nonmagnetic ion substitution in a hard magnetic Dy3Fe5O12 system leads to interesting intrinsic magnetic and ferroelectric properties and found suitability for the
fabrication of energy storage and optoelectronic devices.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Rare-earth iron garnet, solid state reaction, Rietveld analysis, Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence, ferroelectric
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