Prabha, D and Sathyanarayanamoorthi, V (2017) Experimental and theoretical perspectives on 2-amino 5-bromopyridinium salicylate: a third order nonlinear optical material. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 28. pp. 9675-9687.

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Organic charge–transfer complex of 2-amino
5-bromopyridinium salicylate (2A5BPSA) single crystals
were grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique
using methanol as a solvent. The phases and functional
groups of 2A5BPSA have been identified and confirmed
through powder X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform
infrared. The optical transmittance window and the lower
cutoff wavelength of the 2A5BPSA have been identified
by UV–Vis–NIR studies. Dielectric studies were carried
out for the grown crystals at various temperatures from
the frequency ranging from 50 Hz to 5 MHz. Photoconductivity and microhardness studies were also performed
for the 2A5BPSA crystal sample. The nonlinear refractive
index, nonlinear absorption coefficient have been measured through the Z-scan technique. In addition to that, the
quantum chemical calculations on 2A5BPSA have been
performed by density functional theory calculations using
Hartee–Fock method with HF/6-311++G basis set.

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