Anne Rebecca, A (2019) KARYOTYPING IN THE FRESHWATER PRAWN MACROBRACHIUM MALCOLMSONII (MILNE-EDWARDS, 1844), DECAPODA. Journal of Aquaculture in the Tropics, 34 (3-4). pp. 275-285. ISSN 2229-5380


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Decapod karyology is one of the least studied areas. M. malcolmsonii, a freshwater species of the order decapoda is karyologically analysed for chromosome number, arm length, arm ratio and centromere position using a compound light microscope and an ocular micrometer. Based on the measurements using the micrometer, chromosomes were grouped. A karyogram and an ideogram were prepared. The diploid set (2n) of chromosomes from 100 metaphase spreads were found to
have a modal value of 118. 26 pairs of metacentric, 9 pairs of sub-metacentric, 2 pairs of submetacentric/sub-telocentric, 2 pairs of subtelocentric and 20 pairs of telocentric chromosomes were observed and grouped using a standard nomenclature described by Levan et al., (1964).

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Aquaculture, Decapoda, Macrobrachium malcolmsonii, Freshwater prawn, Karyotyping, Micrometer, Diploid chromosomes
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