Anne Rebecca, A (2019) Comparitive Surveillance of Parasitic Grouping and Infestation in Barytelphusa Cunicularis and Poecilia Reticulata Influenced by Physico-Chemical Parameters. CPQ Nutrition, 1 (2). pp. 1-15.

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Parasite is an organism which lives in or on the body cavity of the host, obtaining nourishment and protection. They are used as a bio-indicators of heavy metals in aquatic ecosystems. Crustaceans are free living aquatic organisms and few are even parasitic. Freshwater ornamental fish trade is amultimillion dollar industry. The vast majority of freshwater ornamental fish trade is of freshwater origin and farm raised.
Parasitic grouping and infestation rate in Barytelphusa cunicularis and Poecilia reticulata were determined. Mean body weight of male, female crab was 15.50±6.48g and 13.71±1.05g respectively.
Identified parasites were Anisakis sps., Hirudo sps., Rotifer sps., Procamallanus sps., and Ciliated protozoan. Morphometric analysis was carried out in the B. cunicularis. The incidence of infection (40.00%) of protozoan and nematode were higher in male crab. The highest incidence
is observed in protozoans (60.00%) of female crab. In P. reticulata the incidence was high with arthropoda (33.33%). Among the two selected aquatic species, the intensity of trematode species (14.00) were found to be high in male crab. The lowest incidence was recorded in P. retiulata of rotifer sps. (6.67%). The water quality parameters like temperature 24±1°C, pH 7.60±0.32, dissolved oxygen 1.40±0.012, salinity 0.10±0.001, phosphates 0.50±0.15 and nitrites 0.24±0.03 were recorded for pond water medium of the host species. The water quality parameters like temperature 27±1°C, pH 7.75±0.19, dissolved oxygen 2.86±0.01, salinity 2.17±0.87, phosphates 1.30±0.13 and
nitrites 0.39±0.08 were recorded for Noyyal river water medium of the host species. Noyyal river water is reported to be a medium for host parasitic prevelance.

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